Mark began performing professionally as a bassist at the ripe old age of eleven. A lifetime on stage has given him the ability to know just what a crowd wants, even before they know. Mark has a four octave vocal range and an ear for the many different vocal styles of today's Country music artists. Possessing this ability enables his audience to enjoy an uncanny musical reproduction of their favorite artists. Mark is a multi-instrumentalist, playing 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, banjo, saxophone, harmonica, percussion... and just about anything else he picks up.

Starting out in Rock 'n' Roll, Mark soon found his musical tastes ever-expanding. He bought an acoustic guitar and began playing Folk and Country Rock music. In the late 1970's, as a solo musician, Mark's crowds went wild listening to him at one minute vocalizing both "Waylon and Willie" in the song "Good Hearted Woman" and the next, playing an acoustic Led Zeppelin medley. Mark's love for music of all kinds has enabled him to perform music from nearly any style or era.

In 1992, Mark focused his career on Country music and began writing and performing in both LA and Nashville. The West was first formed as a backup band for Mark's original music. It has now grown into the most versatile Country band around. These great musicians have collectively played all over the world, recording and touring with many of today's major artists. The West covers nearly all areas of Country music including Western Swing, old-style, fiddle-and-banjo Bluegrass, Classic Country, Country Rock, high energy Country Dance music and they can also throw in some good, old Rock 'n' Roll, for good measure. The West -the best possible choice for your upcoming event. See ya'll at the show!