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From the heart of South America, Alturas brings to life the rich heritage of the Inca and Aymara Cultures. Colorful native costumes and unique Andean instruments which are handmade from armadillo shells, llama skins and various hollow reeds, which makes their presentation both authentic and entertaining.

Alturas keeps delighting audiences time and time again. The mini guitars made of armadillo shells, musically-tuned reed pipes and hand carved bamboo flutes are among the instruments that recreate the Pre-Columbian and South American sounds presented by Alturas.  Alturas has enchanted audiences throughout Western United States, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, with their authentic costumes, instruments, and vocals bringing the sounds of South America to life in the schools, colleges and concert halls.

Feature with Alturas is it’s multi-talented founder, Raúl Ayllón, a native of La Paz, Bolivia. Ayllon has mastered more than 40 musical instruments. Those who watch him get amazed at his ability to play native wind instruments (Quena - bamboo flute, Zampoña - South American pan pipes) and the skill he plays the “Charango” (small 10-string guitar like instrument with the shell of an armadillo as the body). Raul has a unique style when he plays the spanish guitars. Alturas continually adds to its repertoire of international music and is joyous in sharing their heritage. Truly this is a performance that will open your eyes, ears and hearts to the richness and vitality of South American folk music.

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