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Screenshot 2017-11-16 13.20.29
NC Elec Pre Video Screen Shot
12-01-2017 Fullerton pep rally Render 2

3D Virtual CAD 

Virtual Event Photo

Virtual Event Tour...

Actual Event Photo...

Actual Event Photo...

A major part of the MWE Event Design process is showing our clients exactly what the space is going to look like, how it is going to feel and we accomplish this by using the latest in 3D Virtual CAD Simulation. 

Our MWE design software works directly with our lighting controllers. This allows us to show our clients exactly how all lighting and FX will be displayed in all event environments, both indoors and outdoors even showing different looks at any given time of day.

Once lighting, FX and rooms have been completed, MWE then has the ability to incorporate all design elements in order to create the final feel for your next spectacular event. You get to virtually walk your event before it ever exists.

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