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Jamie Shaheen hails from Canton, Ohio.  A classically trained pianist as a child, she pursued her dream of a career in music, earning her music degree from Kent State University and began working as a professional musician after graduation. Currently based in Los Angeles, Jamie has established herself as one of the most sought after singer/pianists and works with many of the best booking agents in Southern California performing at weddings, corporate events, hotels, clubs, concerts for children, shows for seniors, theatres, schools, fairs, parks and private events.

In addition, Jamie has been one of the pianists for the Walt Disney Company since 1992 and she plays piano for many kinds of events.


Jamie’s original sing-along/dance-along CD for children is entitled “Everybody’s Happy When They’re Singing!” and the CD has had much success in the children’s market, airplay on Continental Airlines, 3 songs chosen for a Pottery Barn Kids compilation CD, her “Happy, Happy Birthday” song was number one on the top 100 songs in children’s music with Itunes in Canada and the CD was listed as one of the top 85 albums in children’s music, also with Itunes Canada. The “Happy, Happy Birthday” song is on one of the top Itunes mixes in America.  It is a happy birthday mix.

Jamie has been performing for children with her highly interactive “Everybody’s Happy When They’re Singing!” show at theatres, schools, hospitals, festivals, fairs, parks, country clubs and private events.  She is also one of the performers for the Pottery Barn Kids stores in Southern California.  A big highlight for Jamie was performing for a prince and princess of Saudi Arabia (Calabasas, CA) for their one year old daughter’s birthday party! Jamie performs in the “Everybody’s Happy When They’re Singing!” show as a solo act or with musicians as back up.


Banana-Nana-Nana Split - Jamie Shaheen
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If My Teddy Bear Could Talk - Jamie Shaheen
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It's A Great Day - Jamie Shaheen
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Happy, Happy Birthday - Jamie Shaheen
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Bubbles in the Bathtub - Jamie Shaheen
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Roller Coaster - Jamie Shaheen
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