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A lost and lonely traveler wanders aimlessly toward an unforeseen destiny. Finally, at the end of his strength, he collapses, only to be drawn from his ultimate surrender by mystical laughter and voices from a distant wandering troupe of gypsies, CIGANY.


CIGANY, a group of breathtaking acrobats, has taken up residence in the midst of the wayward traveler’s imaginings. Their far-off image entices the wanderer to summon his waning strength and push forward toward this miraculous sight.  While the traveler struggles nearer to the extraordinary image, focus shifts to the troupe, as they perform their amazing individual and group acrobatics. These acts include: single and dual trapeze, aerial chiffon, rope and straps (with crowd participation), jugglers, tumblers, strong men, a contortionist, hand balancing acts, stilt walkers and a beautiful singing diva.


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