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Crazy Rhythm Hot Society

The "CRAZY RHYTHM HOT SOCIETY ORCHESTRA" is an 11-piece 1920s Dance Orchestra. They play the Big Band music of 1920-1934. The "hot" jazz as well as the sweet music and the novelty numbers of the period. The band plays note-for-note transcriptions from the original 78 rpm recordings of the "Roaring Twenties". The instrumentation is authentic and so is the interpretation. They have several male vocalists and a vocal trio within the band, plus the beautiful and talented vocalist, Miss Ginger Pauley and the handsome Jeff Gilbert (the "Last Crooner"). They're the Cat's Meow! Hotcha Razzmatazz!


The CRHSO recreates the nostalgic recordings of the great bands of the Jazz Age (Jean Goldkette, California Ramblers, Ray Noble, Luis Russell, McKinneys Cotton Pickers, Gus Arnheim, Paul Whiteman, Benny Moten, Jack Payne, Jack Hylton, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Ben Selvin, Coon-Sanders Nighthawks, Ben Pollack, et al) and the vocalists of the period (Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, the Boswell Sisters, the Rhythm Boys, Al Bowly, Blanche Calloway, Ruth Etting, Eddie Cantor, Annette Hanshaw, Sophie Tucker, Russ Columbo, Bessie Smith, Helen Kane, Rudy Valle, et al.).

The CRAZY RHYTHM HOT SOCIETY ORCHESTRA is a perfect choice for a Roaring Twenties Party or a Gatsby Party.


Imagine the possibilities: the band and the guests all in 1920s attire (flapper dresses, helmet hats, fedoras, boas, beads, spats, suspenders, etc...). The men with slicked back hair, the women with spit curls. The images of the speakeasy, hip flasks, marathon dances, art deco, rumble seats,  candlestick telephones, Tiffany lamps, bathtub gin, all stir the imagination with ideas for a truly memorable party. Most caterers can arrange for all of these kinds of props.


To add even more fun to the party, the CRHSO can provide dance instructions for period dances, such as the Charleston, Black Bottom, Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa and others.

This 1920s Dance Orchestra is the correct style of band for such a party. The CRHSO would authentically and sensationally recapture the ambiance of the Roaring Twenties.

The Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra is not only ready to play all of the styles of the Jazz Age, but it would also be possible for you to break it down into a smaller category of the 1920s sound. For example a Speakeasy theme or the Cotton Club or an elegant tea dance, etc...

Charleston - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Cotton Club Stomp - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Everybody Stomp - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Inka Dinka Doo - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Jungle Nights In Harlem - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Shanghai Shuffle - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
Stay As Sweet As You Are - Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra
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