Desperado | The Eagles Tribute

Desperado has become one of the best and most well known Eagles tributes in the United States. They boast a line-up of five lead singers and multi-instrumentalists; which not only possess and rivals the musical talents of the actual Eagles, but have been used to play with members of the Hall of Fame band itself.  Desperado was founded in 2002 by lead singing guitarist and keyboardist Aaron Broering. For the past 15 years and counting, Aaron and Desperado have displayed pin-point accuracy and care in delivering a completely live show demonstrating their mastery of the timeless musical and lyrical arrangements of the Eagles.


Desperado tirelessly dedicates itself to the diligence of not only the music and vocals but the beautiful preservation of the imagery, mystique, and landscapes of vivid sentiment found in Eagles songs.  So much to the point that founder Aaron Broering's original material has been flatteringly  compared to artists such as The Eagles and Jackson Browne.

Life in the Fast Lane - Desperado
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New Kid in Town - Desperado
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One of These Nights - Desperado
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Tequila Sunrise - Desperado
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