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DJ Albert

DJ Albert Emcees a wide variety of multi-cultural weddings and special events. He is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Spanish. He specializes as a Disc Jockey and Karaoke Jockey where he creates the perfect "beat mixing" (music is mixed "on-the-fly" club-style without gaps for non-stop dancing). DJ Albert has had three years of experience in special events and Karaoke hosting. He creates custom playlists in popular and eclectic musical genres including international music. With over 80,000 songs on hand at each event and live internet access to millions more, DJ Albert can create the perfect mood for your event.


Since he was young he has had a strong passion for music. Born to Mexican parents, he was exposed to the most traditional Latin music to all of the current Top 40 Radio Play. In high school he became interested in live music and took up the guitar and through the influence of his friends, DJ Albert discovered 80's music and it quickly became one of his favorite genres because of its diversity, catchy hooks and broad appeal. He loves the surge of high energy that it creates on the dance floor. He also enjoys spinning Disco and Funk to Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock and Roll. He enjoys doing what he does and he loves to provide the best customer service through his music.

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