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Doug Legacy

Doug Legacy (Charles Douglas Lacy) was born in Houston, Texas in 1954 and via New Orleans, Little Rock and Austin wound up in Los Angeles in 1977 where he immediately won the Gong Show playing steel drums. He then went on to play them with Rod Stewart (major vocal influence on Doug) where he met Jimmy Z who is playing great blues harp and tenor sax on this album. Jimmy Z went on to play with Jeff Beck and the Eurythmics. Doug had the honor to backup Paul McCartney on background vocals and accordion. He also sang for Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren and Oingo Boingo. Oingo Boingo bassist John Avila plays on the first track of this album. Doug founded the Zydeco Party Band over 20 years ago and has released several albums. King Cake Party (1990) was produced by Jim Keltner and Freebo and had guest artists Ry Cooder and David Lyndley on it. It was released on Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe’s label Demon in Europe and Japan. Doug also made an album with the Oingo Boingo band in 1996 called Doug and the Mystics “New Hat” released in Europe on Colosseum Records. Doug has worked on many projects with Van Dyke Parks as a musician and engineer. Van Dyke introduced Doug to Grant Geissman who plays great guitar on this project. Long time friend and collaborator Gary Ferguson plays solid drums and percussion. Gary has played for artists such as John Hiatt and Eddy Money. Dave Eastly has been the 1st chair bassist for the Zydeco Party Band for the last five years. He also leads his own big band and has been a multi-instrumentalist at Disneyland for over twenty years!

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