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Eric Newton

Eric Newton is a rare kind of performing artist: a classically trained actor and world-class aerialist. He began his studies in San Francisco, specializing in physical comedy and trapeze. In Make A Circus, a circus/musical theatre troupe, he explored going beyond traditional boundaries which divide performance styles. Inspired by the cirque nouveau movement and his ongoing acting studies (SFSU, ACT), he continued developing his craft. He won a Dramalogue Award in 1995 for his high-flying performance of Ariel in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Since then he has co-founded a number of noteworthy performance groups, including Air Male Trapeze, a two-man act that toured US and Asia; and, in Los Angeles , evolving series of full-blown circus-theatre companies. Circus Sirius debuted in 1998 and performed consistently for two years, producing charming local shows and playing nationally and in Japan . Eric then relocated toMontreal , birthplace of Cirque nouveau style, to collaborate with Cirque Eloize.

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