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Jumping Jack Flash

Imagine walking into a nearby historic theater and happening upon a performance by the young Rolling Stones!  They’re all there; Mick is prancing and gyrating, Keith looks menacing as he prowls the stage with his trusty beat-up Fender guitar.  Charlie and Bill are intense as they lay down the backbeat, and Brian Jones looks regal as he lords over his stage.  But there’s something amiss; this isn’t swinging London circa 1964 but rather, your city today.  Put down that pint, mate… and take a closer look. It’s Jumping Jack Flash, the world’s greatest theatrical re-creation of a Rolling Stones concert! 


Jumping Jack Flash is concert-theater; a live retrospective presentation of 50 years of the Rolling Stones’ famous (and infamous!) career.  The show utilizes witty banter, on-stage video projection, and multiple wardrobe changes to take you back in time to the swinging 60’s.  Didn’t see The Stones in the 60’s from the front row?  Here’s your second chance!  JJF performs song selections from all periods of the Stones' legendary career--worldwide hit, after hit, after hit!  The greatest care has been given to the smallest details, to ensure that song performances, wardrobe and instrumentation are spot-on re-creations of the real thing. If Jumping Jack Flash doesn’t rock you like the Rolling Stones did, nobody will!

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