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Katelyn Marie

Born into a household surrounded by classic rock and poetic lyrics by the likes of Tom Petty, as a teen Katelyn Marie was drawn to country music finding inspiration from The Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash. She was born with a natural ear and love for music.

Katelyn Marie’s vocal strengths have most often been compared with the two-time Grammy Award-winning Colbie Caillat, but with her own unique styles, sass and versatile range. Her raucous and bluesy sides will put your feet into your boots, her voice can bring a tear when performing Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah," and her melodic storytelling in originals like Cowboy’s Wife, Fly Away or One Drunken Night always entertains audiences.

She is an avid and passionate songwriter developing and producing new songs on a weekly basis, and whenever or wherever inspired. Since 2013, she and the band have been steadily performing her original songs on radio and stage including a main venue appearance at the 2014 Orange County Fair followed by a growing list of appearances. 


Crazy In Love - Katelyn Marie
Hit and Run - Katelyn Marie
Good Time - Katelyn Marie
Sad Sometimes - Katelyn Marie
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