Lacey Marie Heston

Lacey Marie Wood is no stranger to the stage. Having grown up in an entertainment environment as a sixth generation musician, she naturally began performing on stage at the young age of two. As she moved forward in her performance endeavors, she experienced the stage in the theater, in solo performances and in many different styles and genres of bands.


During the last three years she has immersed herself in the Jazz styling's of the 1930s and 1940s, finding inspiration not only from her deep musical roots, but from the quintessential and unconventional women of jazz, blues and standards. Her approach is truly unique, yet reminiscent of that incredible era when music performance was an art form.


To be able to get the authentic feel and style that she has envisioned for this new project, she has assembled some of LA and Orange County’s most seasoned Jazz players. With these veterans behind her, she is able to transcend all of the musical styles that she now lives and breathes. Whether playing an intimate show with a pianist and upright bass, or with her full band, Lacey’s vocal talent and sultry emotion will be sure to entrance any crowd with a melodic and tonal journey that they will never forget.

Pennies From Heaven - Lacey Marie Heston
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Sunny Side of the Street - Lacey Marie Heston
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Crazy - Lacie Marie Heston
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Ain't Misbehaving - Lacey Marie Heston
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I Only Have Eyes For You - Lacey Marie Heston
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Peel Me a Grape - Lacey MarieHeston
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