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Long Beach Caravan

An American jazz trio playing European-style Gypsy Jazz! We cover the full repertoire of Gypsy Standards as well as Jazz Standards performed in a gypsy and Pre-War Jazz style.  The musicians are Jeffrey Radaich (Lead Acoustic Guitar), Chris Irwin (Rhythm Acoustic Guitar) and Brian Netzley (Upright Bass) and have worked with some of the biggest names in the Gypsy Jazz world, such as Gonzalo Bergara, John Jorgenson, Tim Kliphuis, Romane,  Richard Manetti and Tommy Davy.  The trio can also become a quartet or quintet with the help of our violin and clarinet playing friends.


This is fun, upbeat music that lends authenticity and class to an upscale cocktail party or reception, but works just as well for occasions when you and your guests just want to dance.


Looking for the authentic sounds of a Paris cafe?... How about a down and dirty speakeasy?... We've got you covered!

2nd Street Swing - Long Beach Caravan
All of Me - Long Beach Caravan
Montage Ste. Genevieve - Long Beach Caravan
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