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Matt Quilter's Wave Machine

It’s tempting to say that surf and instrumental music has made a comeback, but, in fact, it’s never gone away and is currently more popular than ever!  A true Southern California art form, it is being played all over the world, not only by the original artists, but by a host of great new bands.  So... how can you hear all those classic instrumental tunes without actually hiring Dick Dale or the Ventures?  Enter: the Wave Machine, the brainchild of long-time Orange County guitarist Matt Quilter.


While searching for new avenues as a solo performer, Matt hit upon the idea of creating an act based on the music that first inspired him to pick up a guitar.  To remain portable and affordable, he decided to perform live to pre-recorded tracks, all of which were professionally recorded and feature some of the best musicians in LA and the OC (no drum machines!)  The music is played through the same vintage Fender equipment that was used in the ‘60s.  It sounds great, LOOKS incredible and the Wave Machine can perform virtually anywhere.  For the last several years, Matt has been making friends all over the country, taking the Wave Machine and a taste of Southern California to venues far and wide.  So, don’t fear the reverb---the surf is always up with the Wave Machine!  Matt can also bring along his band!

Surf Solo - Matt Quilter
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