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Miao Miao

Miao Miao Chen was literally born into show business. This beautiful, elegant artist is a second-generation performer. At tender age of 5, she began her diligent studies with the internationally famous Shenyang Performing Arts Academy. By the time she was 13, she had received numerous invitations to join acrobatic and performing arts troupes. But instead she decided to take the more difficult route, and compete against over 300 other children to become a member of the acclaimed Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe… One of the top 10 troupes in all of China . To everyone’s delight, she was accepted!
Throughout her dedicated and intensive training she quickly received accolades for her dexterity in the extraordinary arts of gymnastics, ballet, and of course, the circus arts! Perfecting these skills, she performed award-winning acts of Plate Spinning, Chair Balancing, Barrel Contortion, and the very difficult Hand-To-Hand Adagio. But her true love and devotion is to her famous Fire Balance Contortion Act.
Miao Miao Chen is now currently performing throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, this beautiful and talented young artist is in high demand.  
Miao Miao’s exceptional skills, positive personality, and artistic dedication make her an excellent featured artist to any production, from ballrooms to Performing Arts Centers, from small towns to major cities, Miao Miao is booked well in advance, so contact us today to reserve Miao Miao Chen  for your next event.

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