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Middle Earth Ensemble

Looking at Earth from Space, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe all come together in the Mediterranean, literally meaning, "The Middle Earth".

Middle-Earth Ensemble is a San Diego based group that performs music for middle eastern dance and other festive occasions. Their gypsy-infused sound has fueled the hips of many a belly dancer in the southern California area, and has led to their popularity at many local venues and events.

The musicians derive their influences from many different styles, including Arabic, Persian, Turkish, folk, jazz, classical, rock and improvisational music. The music of Middle-Earth represents a unique fusion and blending to create their original sound. Middle Earth plays regularly for bellydance shows throughout southern California. Recent performances have included Greek Palace, Claire de Lune, Troy's, SAMEDA Faire, Bedouin Bazaar, Cairo Carnivale, San Diego County Fair and Encinitas Street Fair. Middle-Earth also has received the 2006 Golden Belly Award from Zaghareet Magazine.

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