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The Pete Jacobs Swingtet

So begins another remarkable performance by Pete Jacobs and his preeminent 16-piece dance band. Interspersing the greatest hits from the Thirties and Forties with several original “Swing Era” songs, as well as headline-grabbing news stories from the war years and even some 1940s-style radio commercials; listening to this band is like taking a time machine back to a World War II U.S.O. show. With three young and attractive female vocalists, a hot, driving rhythm section and an eight-piece horn unit, their classic Swing sound is rich, full and authentic. When attired in their khaki-colored, armed forces-style uniforms (instead of their ballroom eveningwear), the “Hollywood Canteen” illusion is complete!


Formed in November of 1997, Wartime Radio Revue has established itself as one of the premier big bands in the country, with appearances at such Southern California landmarks as The Hollywood Bowl, The Derby, Catalina's Casino Ballroom and the Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association. WRR has also been a regular, monthly featured band at Disneyland.


Dancing is what it's all about! Few bandleaders understand - and deliver - what dancers want better than Jacobs. "My wife and I have spent a lot of time learning as much as we could about swing dancing,” Pete says. “I have a real appreciation for what dancers want because we go out dancing ourselves quite often. We are avid Lindy Hoppers! I put our set together with the dancers in mind. It doesn't matter how great the musicianship of the band is, if you can't dance to it." The people who flock to every Swing music venue where Wartime Radio Revue performs agree overwhelmingly.

Pete Jacobs makes his home in Irvine, California and makes his living as a musician, songwriter and record producer and also as the producer of the children's television show, Colby's Clubhouse on the TBN network.

Over the past 10 years, MWE and WRR have teamed up to provide the entertainment centerpiece for dozens of successful corporate and community events.

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