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Singers In Disguise

Your Guests arrive for your special event-the staff from the venue are busily doing their jobs, the waiters are going around with trays of drinks and canapés and the 'Maitre D' / event manager is busily greeting the guests and making sure the staff are doing their jobs. Except that this 'Maitre D' is really a leading West End or Broadway Musical Theatre performer from Singers in Disguise and they are playing their 'Disguise' role before they are going surprise your guests in a very musical manner. Only you know who they really are. Then there is the dashing 'Waiter' helpfully topping up your guests drinks, dutifully fitting in with the other waiting staff. Little do your guests know that he is really a principal opera singer who works at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Only you know who he really is.


Then there's the 'Guest' who arrives a little late. They join their appointed table and sit with your guests , eating starter and main course and joining in with the conversation. But this 'Guest' is really a leading international concert artist who has performed all over the world. Only you know the truth. After these 'Singers in Disguise' have been mixing with you and your guests for the past an hour, the 'Maitre D' makes an announcement that a very special member of staff is leaving the venue today to set up their own restaurant and how sad the venue will be to loose them. All the staff, have bought this person a goodbye gift an would like to introduce them to the guests to receive it.

You are also more than welcome to provide your own technician and equipment.

The Prayer - Singers In Disguise
Nessun Dorma - Singers In Disguise
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