Jennifer Spingola, known as “Spags” by her peers, has been amazing audiences around the world for years now with her virtuosic technique, inventive arrangements, and compelling performance style. Quickly making her mark on the scene as "THE ELECTRIC VIOLINIST", Spags can be found performing at every type of event including exclusive parties, breathtaking weddings, ultra hot nightclubs, sophisticated wineries, and international trade shows. She can be heard from Cali to Chicago, Vegas to Miami, New York to Seattle, and all around the globe!


Her credentials include classical training, on both piano and violin, from the age of eight, and a music degree from the Pennsylvania State University. She is equally at home on stage or in the studio and on a given day anything from classical concertos to hip-hop hooks, and virtually every musical style in between, can be heard pouring out of her cutting edge Viper violin. She has toured with rock legend Dee Snider of Twisted Sister...taught violin to the daughter of a famous Breakfast Club teen icon...opened shows for artists Steve Vai and JayLib as well as bands Foreigner and FUN...produced a special live music runway show for one of LA's top fashion designers...composed and performed music for internationally renowned aerial artists…and traveled the world performing for our troops. She truly does it all! Keeping a steady finger on the pulse of current trends, and consistently raising the bar for industry standards, Spags continues to rise to the forefront of the music industry, where she can be heard bowing her way into the hearts and souls of those around her.

Daylight - Spags
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Ho Hey - Spags
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Girl On Fire - Spags
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Locked Out of Heaven - Spags
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Apologize - Spags
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Thank You - Spags
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My Love - Spags
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