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The Spheres

The SPHERES are a unique and innovative way to launch your event into the future and into another realm of cool. Imagine a spectacular entrance for your CEO or VIP. Imagine dancers and rhythmic gymnasts performing on water. Imagine the amazing ambiance that will be created at your next event with artists performing inside of these giant transparent SPHERES. There is nothing else like them in the world... and you now have the opportunity to be one of the first to say that you had them at your event. 


The SPHERES are available in 8 foot or 10 foot versions and artists of multiple disciplines are available to perform inside the Sphere... on the ground, or even on water.  Imagine the SPHERES on water with an incredible sound and light show!


The creative possibilities are endless and the impact on your audience will be huge.  Call or e-mail MWE today to find out how the spheres can fit in to your next event.  

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