Steve credits the inventor of the accordion for his eventual inspiration and desperate need to take up guitar at age ten. ( No offense-beautiful instrument, it is! )  His six-string career started with his first public playing and singing performance in Sister Mary Jolene's sixth grade class, pounding out "If I Had a Hammer" for his excited fellow classmates.  Wow, what a rush!  Ever since that pivotal day, the music continues.

Born and raised in Downey, California ( the musical birthplace of the Carpenters ), Steve has performed in a wide variety of musical forms - jazz, gospel, country, numerous Top 40 bands; with trios, duos, and solo.  He has appeared at numerous coffee houses, fine eateries, concerts, private parties, and recording sessions.  A highlight has been taking the stage of the Coach House and the Galaxy Theatre in Southern California, opening for the likes of the Little River Band, Dave Mason, Randy Meisner (Eagles), Kenny Rankin, and Richie Furay, among others, with his friend and recording artist Jay Nixon.


Steve is an incredibly dynamic performer that is at home on stage whether playing to a crowd of fifty or an audience of thousands! He can bring any event to life.

Cats in the Craddle - Steve Probst
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Butterfly Kisses - Steve Probst
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Here Comes the Sun - Steve Probst
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Rocket Man - Steve Probst
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Stuck in the Middle With You - Steve Probst
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Superstition - Steve Probst
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