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Street Beat

Street Beat produces live entertainment for a variety of different markets. They perform high impact drumming/dance shows for corporate clients, special events, fairs, festivals, theatres, colleges, and K-12 schools.  They also offer educational drumming workshops and teambuilding programs. 


The central competitive advantages of Street Beat lies in their intriguing and cutting edge image, the quality of the performance and the music. They fuse the best elements of drumming, showmanship, song writing and music production and mix all of this with sublime dance performances. This is how they stand out from their competitors!

This amazing Street Beat show takes its audience on a journey through drumming, dance and great music, as it navigates through a variety of different styles and visual elements.

Their modern day percussion concept takes your typical percussion show to a whole new level. With Drum Eclectic, Street Beat manages to fuse hip L.A. culture with new innovative drumming concepts that will guarantee you a night of musical excitement full of audience interaction. Drum Eclectic is Street Beat’s newest and yet biggest production. 10 top performers make up this show of mind blowing drumming and extraordinary  vocal performances topped off with thrilling break dancing and a couple of other surprise numbers.


When it comes to instruments used, Street Beat takes what’s normally related to noise and confusion and turns it into an euphoria of drumming and dance.

Street Beat has performed around the world and is based out of downtown Los Angeles.

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