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String Angels

The perfect complement to any event, STRING ANGELS is a dynamic, sophisticated act which brings the classics into the twenty-first century with a bang! Three of the world's finest young string players explode onto the stage in a stunning show designed to fit perfectly within the flow of your function. Whether they are the featured entertainment at your event, or are called on to brilliantly punctuate its opening or closing, the Angels add a level of excitement and sophistication that has to be seen to be believed. You and your guests have never seen or heard classical music like this before!

A show designed to elegantly enhance your event, STRING ANGELS is pure style. These immaculately presented, experienced young performers play a wide-ranging, crowd-pleasing repertoire. STRING ANGELS requires a minimum of production; the Angels bring their own high-quality backing tracks and signature pink violins. We encourage clients to use three spotlights and take advantage of the Angels' stunning visual impact.

The famous classical songs you know and love get a contemporary twist alongside some great rock anthems... and the Angels' virtuoso live playing will blow you away!

Another great act from the creators of The Three Waiters, STRING ANGELS is a highly entertaining show loved by audiences from Venice to Vegas, from Sydney to Dubai and Brazil.

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