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Taiko Drums

Taiko drummers are an exciting, highly visual performance of Japanese drumming know as Taiko. The group plays festival pieces from both Japan and the United States. Since the ensemble members are Americans of Japanese ancestry, the performers have developed a unique "fusion" of both traditional Japanese and Japanese American expression. The performers are dressed in traditional Japanese Folk Festival outfits. 

They have been considered the oldest Japanese American Buddhist Taiko group in the United States. They have been featured on the award-winning relevision program "Videolog" and can be heard in the movies, "Karate Kid II", "Thin Red Line", "Mission Impossible:2" and "Pearl Harbor." Taiko ensembles are groups that are nearly completely drum instruments, with a couple of exceptions. Each from the drums plays a very specific role to the overall aspect of the ensemble. Of the many different styles and shapes of Taiko drums, the most common drum found in an ensemble would likely be the nagado-daiko.

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