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That Vibe

The Rembrandt Connection

For 25 years, Rembrandt has been the ultimate in private party entertainment. One of the key factors in their incredible success is their insistence on set membership. With a group of regular members, the music can be crafted and polished with a record-quality that no pick-up band can touch.


But set membership meant that Rembrandt could only be in one place at any given time, and, as the band's popularity grew, that left many of their loyal followers disappointed when they found the band to be unavailable, which was too often the case.

In January of 2003, Rembrandt had a brainstorm of an idea: To clone itself using the "Rembrandt Formula for Success"


First, the talents and experience of the most dedicated Rembrandt veterans were combined with some amazing new talent to form a band of 9 members in complete replication of the original Rembrandt-9.


Next, we put them to work in the studio pounding out exact reproductions of the complete Rembrandt repertoire, incorporating all the dance hits and party favorites that have proven successful at hundreds of events for over two decades.

Next, we install the leadership of Mr. Ted Heath, a Rembrandt staple and front-man for nearly a decade, to act as bandleader, emcee and entertainer extraordinaire. Ted's talent is matched only by his integrity and he has won accolades galore for his professionalism and attention to detail.


Add a spark of fun and personality and Voila: Rembrandt 2 was born.

Since their inception, Rembrandt 2 has rivaled the original and, in a very short time, has actually gained their own devoted following. In fact, as of June 1, 2005, Rembrandt 2 has officially taken on their own identity and has changed their name to "THAT VIBE". This name suits them, as they do indeed bring a special "Vibe" to every event through their youthful spirit and fraternal sense of fun.


"For many years, I resisted the temptation to put a second band together. I would not be satisfied with anything short of the quality, variety and professionalism of the original. In two short years, Rembrandt 2 had exceeded my wildest expectations. And now that they have come into their own as "THAT VIBE", even the most devoted Rembrandt fans will agree they are not merely a chip off the old block, this band is a complete original."

"I stake my 25 year reputation on it."  Doug Waitman ~ Founder and Bandleader

Get Ready - That Vibe
Hay Ya - That Vibe
Lady Marmalade - That Vibe
I Will Survive - That Vibe
Let's Stay Together - That Vibe
With Arms Wide Open - That Vibe
Jump Jive Wail - That Vibe
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