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The Humble Hooligans

Founded in 2004 the Humble Hooligans have been plying their trade of good ol’ fashioned Irish music to the bars and pubs L.A., Orange County and San Diego. Lead by their audacious singer/songwriter Troy Donham, these Hooligans are always up for a good time, or a nice kitchen party. Like any musical group the Humble Hooligans have faced their share of trials and tribulations, but that doesn’t stop them from playing every gig as if it were their last and performing for the love of the music rather than the hype of the times. All said, whether it be a night full of ale and strong drink or a social affair for the whole family, the Humble Hooligans are the perfect lads for the event!

Big Strong Man - The Humble Hooligans
Drowsy Maggie After Awhile - The Humble Hooligans
Raggle Taggle Gypsy - The Humble Hooligans
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