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The Mums

The Mums ~ Mind Under Matter … mysterious…mischievous…mayhem… and madness.

The Mums serve a visual feast with lighting fast and highly stylized performance that combines the mythical skills of juggling and magic with the energy of rock and roll and audience interaction for of the highest quality with show-stopping success. 


What is a Mum? Who are The Mums? Mind Under Matter is one answer for the indescribable.  It’s explosive, thrilling and mystifying; its mind-bending and mind-blowing; The Los Angeles Herald Examiner once wrote, "The Mums do for the art of juggling and magic, what Elvis did for rock and roll." If only Elvis Presley could juggle while drumming with meticulous precision, hip-hop on stilts, spit-juggle ping-pong balls, eat fire and throw razor-sharp machetes about the stage.



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