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Trevor | The Diablo

Best described as a manipulation object, shaped like an hourglass, that spins and is tossed into the air with two sticks and a sting.  The diabolo originated from China over 2000 years but it has only been in the last 10 years that the skill-set has exploded exponentially and is being performed in two of Cirque Du Soleil shows today.  Trevor’s artistry and fluidity will charm you into a dynamic universe balanced between body and object.  Every moment is accentuated and choreographed to the rhythm of the music producing a theatrical spectacle.  He will captivate you with his ability to weave the diabolo intricately around the body and by tossing multiple diabolo’s high into the air creating mesmerizing combinations.


Trevor’s History

Trevor, a former Canadian Champion on the trampoline took his skill as an aerialist to Cirque Du Soleil where he performed over 2500 shows in group acts like the Teeter-board, Chinese poles, Russian swing and Taiko drumming.  Trevor performed with the show’s Mystere in Las Vegas and Saltimbanco that toured Asia and Australia.  With a desire to improve his stage skill, he attended a French-speaking theatre school in Brussels, Belgium.  This two-year full-time theatre curriculum covered bouffon, clowning, mime, Comedia dell'Arte and many others styles. This was the catapult to build a solo number, the diabolo.  Transferring his ability into the juggling-family was a good challenge and an obsession that proved to be a great chemistry. Trevor taught himself the diabolo by meticulously watching videos on the internet.  He is in a constant search to create the perfect move with the perfect music with the perfect intention.  He also performs, manages and owns a taiko drumming team called Rhythma Performance Group that shake audience’s at special events such as the Cirque Du Soleil inauguration of the Spring Preserve 2007 and with best-seller Bill Phillips.  Trevor likes to say, “The only way to advance is by doing something you don’t know.”

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