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Tyler F Simmons

At the age of five, Tyler F. Simmons received his first main stage role in a musical theater show in Wilmington, North Carolina. From there, his love for performing grew into a passion that led him to a career in music.  After doing nearly 60 musical theater shows and stage productions by the end of high school, Tyler began focusing more on contemporary styles and went on to Berkley College of Music as a scholarship student. While at Berkley he was a member of Pitch Slapped where he was afforded the ability to travel and perform, as well as earn an ICCA 2011 title at Lincoln Center in New York City.  Aided by clinics from John Mayer and James Taylor, Tyler began working on original music. While at Berkley he focused on both production and voice performance. Tyler’s studies led him to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where his work as a Fischer Scholar was concentrated in research and classical music.  While in college, Tyler began playing solo gigs and landing summer residencies as a way of employment during breaks. After graduation, Tyler decided to move to southern California, where he first held a position at Interscope Records. He then decided to begin performing full time and booked a residency at The Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage that lasted most of the 2015 calendar year. Since then Tyler has been performing throughout LA with his trio Inatmos, as well as solo, and is currently recording an EP in Orange County. Tyler regularly works as a producer where he focuses on vocal production and mixed media work

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